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Born in Famagusta, Cyprus, 1950




1984-1987    Scholarship award from the State Scholarships’ Foundation, Greece with subject  Drawing and modelling with new materials.

1983-1985    Book Design with distinction, Athens School of Fine Arts.

1978-1983    M.A. Fine Arts, Sculpture, Athens School of Fine Arts (with distinction for academic year 1981-82).

1974-1975    History of Art classes at the Sorbonne, Paris.

1970-1971    LanguesVivantes, English – French – Spanish, Aix en-Provence University, France.

1968-1970    Medieval Archives, Paper and Ink Science, Charles IV University,  Prague, Czechoslovakia.



Solo exhibitions


2018             “Futuring the Past”, House of Cyprus, Cultural and Educational Office of the Cyprus Embassy, Athens, Greece.

2013             “Six sculptures”, Papasoteriou  Bookshop, Athens, Greece.

2012             “Outlining sculpture”, Lemoni Bookshop, Athens, Greece.

2008             House of Cyprus, Cultural and Educational Office of the CyprusEmbassy, Athens, Greece.

2001             Nicosia Municipality Cultural Centre, Melina Mercouri Hall, Cyprus.

2000             Athens Municipality Cultural Centre, Kondoglou Hall, Greece.



Group exhibitions

2023             “100” Technopolis City of Athens, Greece.

2019             Sculpture Exhibition at the Byzantine Museum, Athens.

2018             Golden Ratio Festival of Arts, Keratea, Attica, Greece.

2017             Akrotenaro, Mani, Greece.

2017             Golden Ratio Festival of Arts, Keratea, Attica, Greece.

2017             Rooms to Contemplate, Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation Collection, Nicosia, Cyprus.

2016             Akrotenaro, Mani, Greece.

2014             Cypriot Artists in Greece, House of Cyprus, Athens, Greece.

2013             Lemoni  bookshop at the Folklore Museum of Aegina, Greece.

2012             Piraeus Municipal Gallery, Greece.

2011             Apollon  exhibition Hall, Athens, Greece

2010             50 years of Artistic Creation, Melina Mercouri Hall, Nicosia and  Myloi Kaimakli, Cyprus.

2009             House of Cyprus Collection Exhibition,  Athens, Greece

2006             Visual Arts Centre, Kambas Factory, Pallini, Attica, Greece.

2004             Visual Arts Centre, Vorres Museum, Paeania, Attica, Greece.

2001             Sculpture-Drawings-Engraving, Tsikaliotis Tower, Leonidion, Greece.

1991             Contemporary Greek Sculpture,  Maison de l’ Architecture, Paris.

1990             Days of Cyprus ‘90, House of Cyprus, Athens, Greece.

1987             10 Cypriot Artists at the Astrolavos Gallery, Piraeus, Greece.

1986-1987    Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts exhibitions in Cyprus.

1986             Small sculpture exhibition at the Sculptors’ Association, Athens.

1985-2017    Αll the Sculptors’ Association Exhibitions

1985             Drawing and portrait exhibition at the Sculptors’ Association, Athens.

1982             Athens School of Fine Arts student exhibition, Sculptors’ Association.




2019             University of Cyprus, Sculpture Competition, 1st prize.

2016             Cyprus National Sculpture Competition, Nicosia, 1st prize.

2014             Competition of the Research Promotion Foundation in Cyprus, 1st prize

2013             Competition of the Research Promotion Foundation in Cyprus, 2nd prize.

2011             Cyprus National Sculpture Competition, Sia Municipality, 1st prize.

2010             Greek National Sculpture Competition, Trikala Municipality, 2nd prize.

2008             Cyprus National Sculpture Competition, Latsia Municipality, 1st prize.

2000             Cyprus National Sculpture Competition, Dherynia Municipality, 1st prize.

1997             Greek National Sculpture Competition, Karaiskaki’s sq., Athens, distinction.

1990             Greek National Sculpture Competition in Larissa Municipality, 3rd prize.

1987             Greek National Sculpture Competition in Halkida Municipality, 3rd prize.



Works in public space


2021            University of Cyprus, Memorial Sculpture, Nicosia

2017            Memorial, Park by the Presidential Palace, Nicosia, Cyprus.

2011            Memorial, Sia Municipality, Cyprus.

2009            Memorial, Latsia Municipality, Nicosia, Cyprus.

2004            International Sculpture Symposium in Nikaia Municipality, Athens, Greece, Composition in porous stone in situ.

2001            Memorial, Dherynia Municipality, Cyprus.



Selected bibliography

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2018             The sculptress MaroBargilli, by George Milios, painter, catalogue of exhibition, Athens, Greece.

2011             Who is Who in Greece.

2010             50 Years of Artistic Creation, catalogue of exhibition, Nicosia, Cyprus.

5/2010          University of Cyprus, Department of History and Archaeology, Research  on Historical Memory and Monuments in Cyprus,

                     by Kyriacos Christodoulou, supervisor professor Giorgos Kazamias.

2010             Kipria magazine, number 148, p.42, Nicosia, Cyprus.

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12/2008        Umbrella  magazine, number 83, Athens, Greece.

2008             Famagusta of Artistic Creation, by Marina Schiza, Nicosia, Cyprus.

2001             Kipria magazine, number 105, p.40, Nicosia, Cyprus.

2001             Kipria magazine, number 102, p.7, Nicosia, Cyprus.

2001             The Weekly Review, An Inspiring Sculptress, by Maria Christiana Savvidou, Nicosia, Cyprus, 6.4.2001

2001             The Cyprus Weekly, by Glyn Hughes, Nicosia, Cyprus, 16.3.2001.

2001             To Periodiko, number 774, Nicosia, Cyprus, 9.3.2001.

2001             Selides, number 485, Nicosia, Cyprus, 9.3.2001.

2000             Epochi newspaper, Liana Malandrenioti, 22.10.2000.

1999             Dictionary of Greek Artists, “Melissa” editions, 3rd volume, p.185.

1987             Chrysanthos Christou, Astrolavos Gallery, Piraeus. Greece.


In 1975 I worked for the Greek Month, a large scale exhibition held at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art), in London. I am an active member of the Sculptors’ Association Board, a member of the EETE(Greek Chamber of Fine Arts) and of the Sculpture’s department Committees, Member of the EKATE(Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts), the Visual Artists’ Centre in Mesogaea, Attica and of the IAA/AIAP (International Artists Associations). Works of mine can be found at the Cyprus State Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus, at the Bank of Cyprus Collection, Nicosia,Cyprus, the House of Cyprus Collection, Athens, Greece and in private collections in Greece, Cyprus, France, Switzerland, UK and the USA.





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